Do you want to plunge into crystalline waters, soak in the sizzling sun, be enthralled by scenic views of the infinite Mediterranean, and be enchanted by the white-washed setting, delight in mouth-watering dishes, sip on scrumptious cocktails and dance under the stars? If this sounds just right, we know just where you’ll be this summer-Galu Seaside-the ultimate all-day and night summer venue.

1.Sunny Days are Happy Days


Summer has kicked in for good and it’s high time you worked on your tanning! Galu Seaside is the best place in town to soak in the sizzling summer sun right by the shimmering blue sea! Word of advice: stick around to watch the sunset! The breathtaking view of the sun dipping into the azure water is truly a picture worth a thousand words!

2.Glistening Blue Waters


Are you a beach addict? We’ve got news for you! Galu Seaside is nestled right on the sandy coastline of Oroklini merely minutes away from Larnaca making it the perfect spot to enjoy the crystalline blue Mediterranean waters.

3.Greek Island


When thinking of summer and holidays what pops into your mind? We know! White-washed Greek Island venues with a touch of vivid colours, comfy sun loungers dotting the coastline, views of the emerald sea, tunes playing in the background and a barman whisking up summery cocktails right? You have just described Galu Seaside!

4.Comfy Sun-Loungers


The truth is tanning can be a mission as most sun beds are really uncomfortable, if you are lucky enough, you won’t have odd things poking you! lying for hours on end on a typical sun bed may be painful to say the least, but worry not, Galu Seaside has you covered! The comfy Sun-Loungers that dot Galu Seaside’s beach are more comfy than most beds, making tanning a piece of cake. Great for relaxing while enjoying the striking views of the sea as well as dozing off while listening to the sound of the waves.

5.Music to my Ears


Summer days and nights are not complete unless music is playing in the background! Galu Seaside plays music that sets the summer mood. Soothing music fills the air by day to add some flair to your beach day.

6.Lip-Smacking Dishes


Feeling hungry? It’s time you enjoy Galu Seaside’s dishes! The list is endless making it even harder to choose the perfect meal! Start off with a fresh salad, our Goat Cheese Salad is a great choice. As a main dish you have plenty of options to satisfy your palate, what about a juicy Pork Chop or tender Salmon Steak or even our delicious Napolitan pasta? Whatever you choose, we guarantee you’ll be licking your fingers! You can also try our scrumptious snacks, like our delicious Club Sandwich or if you are in the mood for sharing, our Mixed Platter is just what you need filled with special treats! Dessert is always the way to go at Galu Seaside! Try our delicious Dark & White Chocolate Mousse with Vanilla Ice-Cream or our extravagant Fruit Platter for those of you watching your waistline!

7.Cocktail Time


Summer days and nights are made sweeter with a cocktail, and Galu Seaside sure knows how to whisk them up and keep them rolling! Can you think of anything you’d rather do than sip on a delicious Caipirinha by the bar, enjoying the sea view, listening to great tunes and chatting with friends?

8.Galu Crowd


The cosmopolitan seaside venue attracts enthusiasts of all ages who seek to enjoy the day and night by the beach. The striking decor, the comfy sun beds, the tasty food, the great music, the stunning sea view, the great and friendly atmosphere as well as the shimmering blue waters are hard to resist! No matter your age or tastes, Galu Seaside is made for you because it’s the ideal place to share moments and create memories.



Galu Seaside is a total hit with kids! Our little friends enjoy the beach and water, love our Kids Menu, dance to our music and enjoy our virgin cocktails-just like you do! Galu Seaside is ideal for family outings!

10.Event Hosting is Our Thing!


Looking for a place to tie the knot or celebrate your baby’s christening, birthday or anniversary? Galu Seaside is made for special celebrations! Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor venue, we can make it happen! Galu Seaside is perfect for events and special gatherings. Why you ask? Well, it’s prime coastal location, beautiful setting, fine food menu, unique atmosphere, efficient and friendly staff are more than enough don’t you think?

So the question is: What will you be doing this summer? Galu-ing it is a must this summer!