Life events mark turning points in people’s lives. Sharing these special moments with family and friends is the way people create long-lasting memories. At Galu seaside, we celebrate your marriage, your baby’s christening, your birthday, your wedding anniversary or your engagement amongst other life-changing events, simply because we love creating memories. Your special day is our special day! Join us to share moments and create memories!

Galu Seaside and Weddings


For a couple, marriage marks the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. Galu Seaside makes your wedding day an epic day! Romance fills the air as you exchange vows right on the beach, amongst friends and family with the shimmering blue as backdrop.

Whether you’re opting for a romantic-fairytale, elegant & chic or beach wedding, Galu Seaside makes it happen. The wedding venue has both indoor and outdoor spaces to cater to all your wedding needs and requests, so as to make your day an extraordinary day! Whether you’re seeking a cocktail, a party or sit-down dinner reception Galu Seaside will make your vision a reality.

Galu Seaside choice of Wedding Menus, filled with scrumptious culinary specialities, is bound to satisfy the palate of even the most discerning guests.

Galu Seaside and Engagements


Engagements parties are amongst our favourite life-turning celebrations! At Galu Seaside, our romantic seaside grounds make a wonderful backdrop to cater to such frothy and lovely events. Our spacious indoor and outdoor grounds will surely surpass your every expectation. No matter what kind of party or reception you have in mind, big or small, extravagant or casual, Galu Seaside will help make your engagement a special day. It is extremely gratifying when watching a couple celebrate their engagement, wedding and then baby’s christening at Galu Seaside!

 Galu Seaside and Christenings


We love celebrating your baby’s big day at Galu Seaside! It’s a day entirely devoted to your newborn, a day where family and friends gather to celebrate his/her life and create lifelong memories. Galu Seaside is the perfect choice for christenings, as our spacious grounds are ideal for little guests to play, run and swim as well, especially on glorious summer days. We can help you plan every aspect of your celebration to the last detail. Our lip-smacking dishes will leave your guests in awe and our striking Mediterranean setting and friendly ambience will captivate all, making your baby’s christening an event to remember. Remember sharing moments and creating memories is what we do best!

Galu Seaside and Special Parties & Celebrations


Galu Seaside celebrates your birthdays, anniversaries, business events and any other event you wish to host. We have superb facilities, great ambience and top-notch services to suit all ages and types of celebrations. Our reputable experience ensures your special day will be a festive event.

Galu Seaside shares moments and creates memories that last a lifetime. Our long experience in hosting events speaks louder than words. Whether you are seeking an outdoor reception, party, buffet or a quiet family gathering we make sure your day is a happy day! Let’s share moments and create memories together!

Wedding Anniversaries


These are wonderful occasions at Hillscourt, especially when we welcome back couples whose wedding reception we hosted. It’s lovely to see people return, catch up with the news and really make their wedding anniversary a glorious celebration. It may be an intimate family gathering, a special lunch, high tea or something far more ambitious. Talk to us about whatever type of celebration you might have in mind. Our specialities are Ruby and Golden wedding anniversaries that are incredible achievements and should be celebrated by everyone.

Why not contact us now regarding your celebration at Hillscourt? We are really looking forward to starting a family tradition with you.