Most woman fall for a man’s romantic gestures and sweet words, but the truth is, it’s easy for a man to fake it! We’ve all been there and done that, right?

The Question all Women ask themselves at some point is: Does He Love Me or Does He Not? In order to answer the question, read our 20 real love signs outlined below and be prepared to find out the truth and only but the truth.

  1. Does he ask you questions about you, your wants, desires, experiences and life?
  2. Have you ever caught him simply staring at you while you’re doing something else or not looking?
  3. Does he do things he hates doing simply to spend time with you?
  4. Does he spend more time with you than he does with his buddies?
  5. Does he try to impress you by behaving kindly to your disapproving parents or rude friends?
  6. Does he hug you and hold your hand in public?
  7. Does he always remember your birthday, anniversary, niece’s birthday party…?
  8. Has he told you his credit card pin number?
  9. Has he changed his lifestyle for you?
  10. Does he brag to his friends and family about you?
  11. Does he share his closet-hidden secrets with you?
  12. Is he proud of you, your work, and your character?
  13. Does he miss you when you are not around?
  14. Does he make compromises or bends-backwards to please you?
  15. Does he do little things, like give you the better seat at the cinema, or bring you a flower out of the blue?
  16. Have you met his parents?
  17. Does he make plans for your future, like summer holidays?
  18. Does he cook for you?
  19. Does he let you watch a girlie flick on TV even though the football match is on?
  20. Does he say, ‘I love you?’

Quiz Answers:

  1. 20-13 YES Answers: He loves you! He is completely mesmerised by you!
  2. 12-8 YES Answers: He is infatuated with you, but still needs some time to get used to being a couple. He might have some minor commitment issues but with time and a bit of gentle pushing from your end, you’ll get there!
  3. 8-1 YES Answers: It’s time you face the truth girl, he doesn’t love you and most probably won’t! It’s time you wake up and smell the coffee so to speak! Move to the next one!