Why Galu-ing it is a Must this Summer

Do you want to plunge into crystalline waters, soak in the sizzling sun, be enthralled by scenic views of the infinite Mediterranean, and be enchanted by the white-washed setting, delight in mouth-watering dishes, sip on scrumptious cocktails and dance under the stars? If this sounds just right, we know just where you’ll be this summer-Galu […]

Sharing Moments, Creating Memories at Galu Seaside

Life events mark turning points in people’s lives. Sharing these special moments with family and friends is the way people create long-lasting memories. At Galu seaside, we celebrate your marriage, your baby’s christening, your birthday, your wedding anniversary or your engagement amongst other life-changing events, simply because we love creating memories. Your special day is […]

Galu Seaside’s Wedding Checklist!

Has The One popped the big one? Are you officially off the single market? Oh My God you have loads of things to do! Galu Seaside has you covered! We’ve come up with a detailed Wedding Checklist designated to make your life easier! Stick to our one-year Wedding Checklist and your wedding is bound to […]

Does He Love Me or Does He Not?

Most woman fall for a man’s romantic gestures and sweet words, but the truth is, it’s easy for a man to fake it! We’ve all been there and done that, right? The Question all Women ask themselves at some point is: Does He Love Me or Does He Not? In order to answer the question, […]

20 Signs you’re with the Guy you will Marry

1.He goes on about you constantly! It seems you are his favourite topic of conversation as he constantly brags about you, how talented and smart you are, how kind-hearted and generous, how beautiful and it goes on and on. It looks like he is your biggest fan! Even your mother doesn’t talk so much about […]

11 Reasons Why Getting Married in Cyprus is the New Trend

1.It’s an Island! Tying the knot is an event made up of romance and love, but tying the knot on an exotic Mediterranean island adds a certain je ne sais quoi flair to the whole thing, don’t you think? Getting married right on Galu Seaside’s beachfront, overlooking the crystalline waters, will make your day extraordinary! […]

15+2 Details to Make your Galu Seaside Wedding Epic

Weddings are about celebrating the love two people share and the start of their lives together. The second part of weddings, and the one most remember, is the epic party that follows. That’s what most remember and talk about for years to come. So to all couples looking to throw the wedding party of the […]

10 Vital Questions to Ask before you Tie-the-Knot

Right, so here is the scenario: Boy meets Girl, Boy and Girl fall head over heels in love, Boy bends on one knee and pops the Big Question, Girl says YES! Congrats! However, do you really know him, do you want the same things out of life, will he take care of you in sickness […]

10 Tiny Details to Help Make Your Big Day the Perfect Day

Let’s face it…you have been dreaming of your wedding day since you played dress-up with your mum’s heels, jewellery and make-up! Therefore it comes as no surprise that you expect your wedding day to be your dream wedding! Most former brides will advice to chill and enjoy the ride because it’s literally not possible to […]

Bridezilla Alert!

We get it-wedding are stressful and you want everything to be and go exactly as you have planned and dreamt of. After all, it is your special day. But if your mum isn’t picking up your calls, your bridesmaids are avoiding you and your hubby-to-be has issued a restraining order till well after the wedding…well…face […]