We get it-wedding are stressful and you want everything to be and go exactly as you have planned and dreamt of. After all, it is your special day. But if your mum isn’t picking up your calls, your bridesmaids are avoiding you and your hubby-to-be has issued a restraining order till well after the wedding…well…face it…you are turning into the Bridezilla!

It’s time to put it down a notch or two…take a step back…and relax, if you want your fiancé, family and friends to actually attend the Galu Seaside wedding you have planned! It’s high time you re-evaluate your priorities Ms. Bride, but do not worry, we are here to help! We have put together a list of 10 signs you’re transforming into a Bridezilla. If any of these sound familiar, it’s time you relax and fix the problems you’ve caused.

1.Your Parents will soon Be Homeless


Every bride wants the best for their wedding. But if this means your parents are taking out another mortgage on their house simply to afford your wedding, than it’s time you re-consider your wedding options! So what if you choose an extravagant buffet instead of 100Euros per-head five-course meal? At least your parents won’t be on the streets after your wedding!

2.You are ALWAYS Angry


Remember your pre-engaged days? You were out-going, fun and got along with everyone. Organising a wedding is time-consuming, irritating at times and stressful…but there is no need taking it out on your family and friends. If simple conversations have turned into shouting competitions, your friends don’t pick up your calls or when they do they hang up while you’re shouting…you have a problem! Okay, so not everyone understands what you are going through, nor do they agree with your vision of the perfect wedding, but really…do you want to have a wedding with actual people there? Chill out!

3.Picture Madness


Most brides-to-be opt for a professional photographer, which is quite reasonable really. Who doesn’t want a professional to snap pictures of their special day and after all, you will be showing these photos to your future kids and grand-kids right? You want everything and everyone to look their absolute best, we get it, but there are limits. When you fire your maid-of-honour from her duties because she has just found out she is pregnant and you don’t want her to look like a ‘whale’ in YOUR wedding pictures, you have a problem! Bridezella Alert! Get yourself together woman!

4.Friendless You


Your friends used to adore spending time with you; you were fun, funny and easy-going. What the hell happened? NOW-most of your girls have un-friended you-literally-on Facebook and their lives! You’ve got bad news dear; it’s not them it’s all you! They have had enough! How much shouting, criticism and wedding talk can someone take? It’s time to tone down your behaviour and make amends or else you’ll find yourself bridesmaids-LESS on your wedding!



Planning a wedding does not translate into having no time at all for anything or anyone! If you’re planning on taking a 3-month leave of absence from work to plan your wedding then you got a problem! If you expect your niece’s kindergarten teacher to postpone their end-of-year event because you are just too busy to attend, you have a problem-you are the Brideziila!

We get it, your wedding is important, but so are your friends and family as well as your professional obligations. So, go to your niece’s big day and go to work-end of story!

6.Your Vision or the Highway Attitude


It’s a true fact that all brides have a vision for their wedding day, and naturally it’s their day so it’s their right to call all the shots…but…be reasonable and allow others to share their ideas too, like your mother’s or future husband’s ideas-it’s his wedding too! If it’s all about you and nobody else, then you are the designated Bridezilla!

7.Left at the Alter by your Florist


Your Bridezilla attitude has really gone beyond limits when your wedding planner, florist and caterer all ditch you and you still don’t understand the reason. You’ve got news for you: calling them incompetent beep beep beep beep and beep doesn’t help! Treat others the way you want others to treat you…apologise for your behaviour and save your wedding day!

8.Here comes the Queen


News flash girl-you are the bride not the queen! You cannot post threatening notes to all your female guests warning them not to wear white on your wedding. Who are you? We get it-you don’t want anyone stealing your thunder-but chill out! You can’t impose what colour of clothes others choose to wear, it’s a free country they can wear whatever they want! What are you going to do, have face-control at your wedding????

9.Your Wedding Registry Has Hit the Roof


You know you are the Bridezilla when your wedding registry total costs more than your college education did! Are you planning on moving into a bigger house? Where else will you store all these expensive yet useless things you’ve registered? Do you really believe your guests can actually afford to get you the latest 60-inches TV you’ve added to the list? Or what about the dolce china you’ve had your eyes on for quite some time? Be reasonable, or else no one will show up to give you any wedding gift at the rate you are going!

10.Twenty Perfect Guests


Not all guests should fit your personal profile of the perfect guest to be privileged enough to attend your wedding! It’s high time you stepped down your bridal throne Your Highness and invite your fiancé’s annoying family, frat brothers and friends. Yes, sure it is your day, but you need to take into account it’s your fiancé’s day too, no matter how much you have ignored it. Also, you also need to realise there are friends and family who actually anticipate watching you and your fiancé exchanging vows. A wedding party ain’t a party if 10 people are invited!

The time has come to stop being the Bridezilla queen and start being you again. Enjoy your wedding and all the little glitches that may come up! Nothing and nobody is perfect! Happy Wedding preparations!