1.He goes on about you constantly!


It seems you are his favourite topic of conversation as he constantly brags about you, how talented and smart you are, how kind-hearted and generous, how beautiful and it goes on and on. It looks like he is your biggest fan! Even your mother doesn’t talk so much about you and only you.

2.He shares the same values, dreams and goals as you!


You both want the same things out of life. It doesn’t matter what exactly as long as you see eye to eye and move forward together…on the same path! You might both want lots of children or no children. You might both want to live in Cyprus or move abroad. What’s important is that you share the same values, goals and dreams meaning that the relationship has great foundations to build on!

3.He makes little sacrifices just for you!


It doesn’t matter how important or insignificant the sacrifices he makes are as long as he makes them it means he cares. He may be open to moving to another country or city just because you got a great job offer (big sacrifice) or let you eat the last Oreo cookie coz he knows how much you like them (small sacrifice). Either way-he is the one!

4.He is a True Gentleman!


Even after being a couple for years, he still impresses you with his gentleman manners and etiquette! He opens doors for you or helps you with the shopping, cooking and cleaning or he brings you flowers without a reason. These little details reveal he is the one!

5.He Loves You Just as You Are!


He has never tried to change you because he loves both your good and bad traits. He loves everything about you! You are messy, can’t cook to save your life, quite rude in restaurants and hate dogs-yet he is still there!

6.Marriage Talk!


He keeps up bringing the up the marriage topic and feels comfortable doing so. He has no doubts about spending the rest of your lives together nor does he have commitment issues. Everything is easy with this guy!

7.I Miss You


You can see it in his eyes that he actually means it when he says he misses you, it’s not just to butter you up.

8.Long-Distance Survivors!


You are one of those couples that beat the odds-and survived a long-distance relationship. The distance actually made your relationship stronger, sure it was hard, but you did it!

9.He is you Person!


At times you need a shoulder to cry on, advice or can’t wait to share a story or gossip-he is your person! Before him you used to tell your friends and family, now he is enough-he is your person!

10.He gives you Space!


You are the kind of person who needs their space or alone time, and although he totally gets it and respects your wishes-you don’t need it anymore! You actually look forward to going home and spending time with him, everyday every hour and every minute of the day!

11.Future Plans!


He includes you in his future plans and decision making. He makes you feel confident he is in it for the long-run. No nasty break-ups or drama in your life…that’s all in your past…this one is here to stay!

12.Your People are His People!


He considers your friends his friends. He cares about how they are and shows it, not only for you, but because he actually sees them as his people too!

13.He lets you have Break-Downs!


We all know we women go into unreasonable vents and fits on occasions. He lets you go on with it, without showing he is bothered, angry or frustrated. His only concern is that you don’t seem happy!

14.He is Part of the Family!


He feels at home with your family. He actually pops by your parents’ house for quick lunches, even though you aren’t there or calls your grand-pa to check up on him. He loves your nieces and nephews and they adore him! He is already their uncle…even though it’s not official yet!

15.No Embarrassment!


You cry in front of him over the most trivial matter and feel no embarrassment at all. He knows how to handle you no matter how you behave…coz he is the one!

16.He Compliments You!


He compliments you on the days you look hot but also on the days you look like crap. He finds beauty in you no matter how you look or feel. This means he is the one!

17.No Boredom!


You always find things to talk about or do together-you never get bored of each other’s company. You hardly ever fight, and when you do, the matter is resolved in minutes. you communicate perfectly and complete each other.

18.You are his Priority!


Before confirming plans with friends or colleagues he first checks with you. Before answering to an RSVP invite, he always calls you first just to make sure you can come. Before making plans for the weekend or holidays he always calls you! This means you are his priority, so he is the one!

19.He Trusts You!


Although mistrusting by nature, he confides in you and shares his deepest thoughts and secrets. This means he trusts and relies on you. You are his person, so he is the one!

20.He wants to Tie the Knot at Galu Seaside!