Weddings are about celebrating the love two people share and the start of their lives together. The second part of weddings, and the one most remember, is the epic party that follows. That’s what most remember and talk about for years to come. So to all couples looking to throw the wedding party of the decade, we have made up a list of 20 details to make your wedding party the epic event everyone will talk about!

1.Short Wedding Ceremony


Those opting for a religious ceremony can’t change the duration so simply skip this part. Those choosing for a romantic, elegant and stylish beach civil ceremony at Galu Seaside have a say on how long it lasts. Don’t misunderstand, family and friends will want to watch you exchange your vows, but truth be said, pro-longed services tend to go overboard, just a little, so keep it simple, and straight to the point. This way all the attention will be on you and only you!

2.Personalise the Wedding Theme


Personalising your wedding theme, say by adding cameras on each seat for guests to take snap shots of the ceremony and party, is a great way to get your guests involved in your wedding but also feel part of it. It is your day, but making guests feel close to you will make it an epic wedding party. Plus, they will have something to do while the tables are set and dinner is served!

3.Hashtags are in Fashion


Facebook and Instagram are a big part of our lives, so why not ask your guests to use a specific hashtag for your wedding, like #galuseasideweddings? It’s smart, easy and unique right? First of all, you give your guests a mission-thus again you involve them. Also, they would have uploaded photos anyway, so why not have them all under the same hashtag to choose and pick which you want to save later?

4.Offer Welcoming Gifts to Out-of-Town Guests


Whether you’re opting for a home-based or destination wedding, several guests have to travel long or short distances to be present. Show your appreciation and offer those staying at hotels a gift, like welcome baskets, which can include some local treats, a bottle of sparkly, and a guidebook for those seeking to explore the area.

5.Greeting Guests


It may come as no surprise, but it’s a must-you need to greet every single one of your guests- it makes them feel special and appreciated. Once the party hits off, make the time to spend a few minutes with each of your guests, whether it is having a quick shot, dancing to a tune or visiting their table.

6.The Seating Plan


Regardless of the type of wedding your having, a cocktail reception followed by a buffet dinner, five-course dinner, or traditional servings, a well-organised seating plan is the key to your epic wedding party. Try to sit people together who share the same interests or backgrounds and try to avoid dramas by placing people who haven’t spoken to each other for ages due to a feud! Make sure the people you sit on each table will have something in common to talk about although they might not have met before.

7.Open Bar is the way to go


Even though Open Bars may be a tad bit pricey, they are a must! Once the alcohol starts rolling, happy guests take over the dance floor, and guess what…epic times are created!

8.Signature Cocktails are a hit

epcdw85026Creating your own cocktail blend (with the help of a mixologist) is always a great hit at weddings! This addition adds to the personal effect you want to portray plus its really awesome having waiters holding scrumptious cocktails roam the room getting guests in the party mood from early on.

9.Comfy Guests


No matter what time of the year you’ve set the date for, it’s crucial you consider what your guests may need to feel extra comfy throughout the day or evening. If you’re having a beach wedding, hand out flip-flops or parasols to keep out of the sizzling sun.

10.Lounging Area


Not all guests are big on dancing. The truth is some guests will not budge at all. So organising a small and comfy lounge area where they may chill, enjoy the music and have a chat with others is a great way to keep them awake and happy!

11.Aim for Short Speeches


Make sure speeches don’t drag on for what seems like forever! They tend to get a bit boring and no one is really interested in learning how you broke your leg in kindergarten. Get the party started as quickly as possible!

12.Make Your Playlist


The best way to get your guests in the party mood is to play the tunes they want and love to hear! You either make up a list of all time favourites or ask your DJ to take requests. Guests will crowd the dance floor in no time at all!

13.Do-It-Yourself Bar


Be creative and set up a Do-It-Yourself Bar or stall, the guests will love it! You can set up a candy or popcorn stall for kids or a cigar stall for the men or what about a cocktail stall for the gals?

14.Midnight Treats


Okay so you’ve dined and wined your guests, but wouldn’t it be great to offer mini-treats or finger food and some coffee or tea maybe a bit before the party ends? It shows you care! Plus, it’s a great way to make sure your drunken friends bring their senses before heading home.

15.Photo Booth Must


Photo booths are great fun as well as exceptional wedding souvenirs! You have endless options, but make sure you have lots of props for your friends to use!

16.Useful Wedding Gift


Framed pics of you and hubby are a big no no! Choose a gift your guests will actually want to take home and use, like homemade jam or chutney or a bottle of wine. Choose something unique yet practical, personal yet useful!

17.Memorable Exit


Nobody wants their wedding party to end, but like most good things it has to, so go out in a bang! Think of something splashy, like a confetti send off or extravagant firework display-anything that will make a big bang!

Adding these details to your wedding day guarantees it will be a day to remember! You do want to go down as the couple who hosted the epic wedding party, don’t you?