1.It’s an Island!


Tying the knot is an event made up of romance and love, but tying the knot on an exotic Mediterranean island adds a certain je ne sais quoi flair to the whole thing, don’t you think? Getting married right on Galu Seaside’s beachfront, overlooking the crystalline waters, will make your day extraordinary!

2.It’s the Island of Love


According to Greek Mythology, the goddess of love we all know as Aphrodite rose from the sea waves right on the island’s coast. Ever since, Cyprus has been known as the Island of Love! Getting married on the Island of Love seems like a great idea, don’t you think? We think it’s meant to be!

3.Blessed with Sunny Days!


The island has been blessed with all-year-round sunshine. This means picking a wedding date an easy task! You can get married in spring, summer, winter or autumn without worrying about the weather!

4.Outdoor Weddings!


Outdoor weddings and receptions are always so much more romantic than indoor ones. Don’t get us wrong, indoor weddings are great, but exchanging vows while being surrounded by emerald waters, beautiful outdoor gardens and landscapes are first on our list! With such scenic beauty all around you, your wedding pictures will turn out beautiful!



In general, Destination Weddings are much cheaper than home weddings. For starters, your guest list shrinks significantly, meaning you save on the dinner and reception. Also, your only concern is your travel, accommodation and wedding venue expenses. That’s it really!

6.It’s Legal!


Tying the knot in Cyprus is completely legal and recognised throughout the world. Plus, wedding documents of civil ceremonies are in English.

7.Intimate Wedding!


Destination Weddings are more intimate and private events, which is just the way we like it! Your guest list includes close family and friends, which truly love you and want to share your special day. Say goodbye to obnoxious relatives and long-lost friends!

8.Bachelor/Hen Parties!


Your closest and dearest are right by your side-so why not celebrate the last days of your single life while you can? Cyprus is renowned for its intense nightlife, guaranteeing you’ll send off your single life with a bang! One of our favourite venues is Lush! Try it out!

9.Here Comes the Tanned Bride!


The island floats amidst the glistening waters of the Mediterranean Sea. It is surrounded by striking bays and coves, perfect to enjoy a beach day and work on your tan before the wedding! Tanned brides always look gorgeous!

10.Holiday with Friends!


Destination Weddings immediately translate into holidays with friends. When was the last time you went on holiday with friends? The handful of guests invited to your wedding are your closest people, so you have endless time together to catch up, relax and have fun, just like the old days-and guess what-you are all on an exotic island!

11.Honeymoon Alert!


As soon as you are pronounced Husband & Wife…you literally step into your honeymoon! How great is that? You avoid the hassle of booking tickets, accommodation, changing like a thousand flights before you arrive to your destination coz you are already there! Plus, you’ll have a perfect excuse to re-visit the island again. When is your wedding anniversary?