Let’s face it…you have been dreaming of your wedding day since you played dress-up with your mum’s heels, jewellery and make-up! Therefore it comes as no surprise that you expect your wedding day to be your dream wedding! Most former brides will advice to chill and enjoy the ride because it’s literally not possible to control every single detail, unless you transform yourself to the ultimate Bridezilla from hell!

To avoid any unnecessary drama, we have put together 10 little details that will make your Big Day as perfect as you have imagined!

1.Pre-Wedding Photos is a Must


Fact is tying the knot is a life turning decision which you hope will last forever and ever, therefore you want to look your absolute best in the pictures because after all you plan on showing off your wedding album to all your friends, family, children, grandchildren for years on end. Therefore, once you’ve put on your fancy bridal dress, done your make-up and hair, ask your parents or bridesmaids to take a few snap shots of you before it’s too late. It could save you from a great deal of embarrassment! You may realise your hair is not as it should be, you’re wearing too much make-up, the colour of your lipstick just doesn’t suit you…all these are fixable.

2.Hair & Make-up Trials


We get it-hair and make-up trials are a tad bit overpriced, and your fiancé is already on your case about spending too much on the wedding. Truth this though, it’s your day and it’s only natural you want to look fabulous! Therefore, play around with different hairdos and styles to find the one that best suits you!

3.Wedding Food


Whether you’ve opted for a four-course set menu or extravagant buffet, make sure you taste and approve the food! The dishes you serve will both make your wedding exceptional and have all your guests raving about it or it may be the cause your wedding goes down as an epic failure! All brides prefer the first option, so sample the food before your wedding! Advice: Galu Seaside Wedding Menus are to die for made up of mouth-watering dishes and lots of options guaranteeing your guests taste-buds will thank you later!

4.Watch your Weight Brides!


Looking fabulous in your wedding dress is an absolute must! Finding the right dress is a mission, but once you do and final fittings have been made-watch your weight! Gaining or losing weight right before your wedding is a total nightmare. No bride wants to look like a whale nor wear an over-sized wedding dress, so stop binging out of stress or start eating!

5.Guest + Alcohol=Disaster


That insulting dude your best friend is dating? Or your father-in-law’s lost and crazy third cousin you have never met and only heard of? Rude and crazy people do not mix well with alcohol and it never ends well. Do NOT invite them! It is basic maths, Insufferable Guests + Alcohol = Disaster!

6.Drunken Bride-Not the Way to Go!


Open Bar? Shots? Champagne? Cocktails? YAYYYYY! It’s party time! Get yourself together woman! Sure, having a couple of drinks after all that stress will certainly loosen you up, but do you really want to be remembered as the bride who threw up at her wedding and acted as a teenager? That’s not the way to go…after all; you’re a MARRIED WOMAN now, act like it! Plus, the pictures will haunt you for the rest of your life.

7.Toasts-Set a Limit!


Prolonged toasts are boring and may even get quite embarrassing for the couple. Make sure your designated toasters don’t go on and on and on…and on! Choose well who will give a speech at your wedding; make sure they are not obnoxious, rude and rambling people. Keep it simple!

8.Hubby and Wifey Wedding Plan


There are no mind readers, so talk to your fiancé and make up a plan. What do we mean? Well, will you dance to a slow tune or a pop song? Will you kiss passionately after the ceremony? Will you greet your guests at the entrance of the wedding venue together or go round each table? Basically, involve him! For starters, it is his wedding too and also he is no mind reader, therefore he can’t possibly know what you have planned in your tiny little bride mind.

9.It is YOUR wedding!


Don’t even attempt on fulfilling other people’s wishes and fantasies when it comes to your wedding, it’s your day nobody else’s. Your in-laws may force you to have a church wedding or your mum wants a big wedding, the bigger the better but you may want something totally different so do not succumb to the pressure…it is your wedding! Even if they are chipping in for the wedding, do not budge…after all you only get married once so you deserve to have the wedding of your dreams.

10.Keep Calm-Something is Bound to Go Wrong!


Planning a wedding is stressful to say the least. Dress, flowers, invitations, centre pieces, decor, gifts, guest lists, food, venue, setting, make up, hairdo, bridesmaids, best man…and the list goes on. It’s inevitable-something will go wrong! So, take a big breath, go get married and relax! Your wedding day will be an extraordinary event!

So there you have it-10 tiny details to help make your wedding your dream wedding! Remember to breathe and have fun! Congratulations!